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The communication +1 journal

In 2011, I helped found the open-access peer-reviewed journal, communication +1, of which I am the Managing Editor. Briankle Chang and I found there was a lack not only in American Communication journals for the type of groundbreaking research that was emerging in Communication Studies, Media Studies, and other associated disciplines, but also a great need for a completely open-access journal.

The +1 part of communication +1 refers to the Mandelbrot set equation Zn+1 = Zn^2+C, in which sequence grows in an unbounded manner. We believe deeply that communication research needed a place to grow in this unbounded manner, and that place must not only be open access in a legal sense, but open in a sense of pushing boundaries of traditional disciplinarian bracketing.

As of February 2016, we have currently published four volumes (37 articles total, with a 27% acceptance rate), and are currently working on two more volumes. Since its inception we have had over 20,000 full-text downloads without charging readers or authors. We hope to greatly increase this over the next couple years, as we have recently been accepted to the Directory of Open Access Journals.


Dialogues and More

The communication +1 project is more than just a journal. We have also been involved in a series of “dialogues,” open-ended interviews with established and emerging voices in this diverse and heterogenous field. You can find them at along with CFPs and other announcements.

We also sponsor and produce recordings of talks that are available on our YouTube page.

We hope to continue this endeavor, and welcome feedback and assistance. Please contact [communicationplusone][at][gmail][dot][com]

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