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My background in constructivist pedagogy and instructional technology supports my belief that the university is a place where students should learn to critically engage their world. My teaching philosophy goes hand in hand with my research interests, as I try to encourage critical engagement about and through media technology. I strive to bring a high level of interactivity into the curriculum, allowing students the opportunity to experience the subject matter on multiple levels.

I have an instructional design background that allows me to bring a variety of constructivist techniques into my courses and help students learn through hands-on, project-based curricula. I incorporate Universal Design principles in the numerous traditional, and fully online courses that I have developed both alone and in cross-disciplinary partnerships with other faculty.

One of my favorite tools for teaching is Wikipedia, which I outline more extensively in this section.

I have taught many courses in media studies, technology studies, rhetoric, and theory. Please see my CV for more information.